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If you've been injured in a motorcycle accident during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, you have come to the right place.

car accident lawyerRENSCH LAW has been handling personal injury cases since its creation in 1992. Car accidents, injury claims, premises liability, motorcycle wrecks, crop fires, certain medical malpractice cases, pharmaceutical malpractice, dog bites, falls, insurance claims, and general negligence cases have been handled over the years. If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s improper or wrong acts or omissions (failure to act) please call for a free phone consultation. We can answer your questions, advise you about what the process is, gather records, review records, tell you how to preserve evidence, and specifically advise you upon retention of the firm’s service by way of a contingent fee agreement.

A contingent fee agreement is a contract between RENSCH LAW and the injured person (or the parents of an injured person if a minor) wherein the case is handled with no money up front and fees and costs are collected from the recovery. Contingent fees start at 33% of the recovery plus costs, sales tax, and advances, and go up from there, depending upon the case and how far along in the process the recovery is made. If no money is recovered, no fee is owed, and the only things which need to be repaid by the client are costs and advances. RENSCH LAW also takes care of negotiating subrogation claims made by insurance companies, Medicaid, Medicare, or other entities which have paid expenses for you under contract which must be repaid. This can be very complicated.

personal injury lawyerRENSCH LAW has tried personal injury cases to juries, obtained awards for injured plaintiffs which far exceeded settlement offers, and negotiated dozens and dozens of settlements for those injured through the negligence of another. RENSCH LAW has handled medical malpractice claims, federal tort claims, workers compensation cases, and wrongful death cases, to name a few. RENSCH LAW has used the wealth of trial experience practiced in the criminal courtroom to the advantage of its clients in the civil courtroom who are seeking damages. As RENSCH LAW is a trial firm, it seeks to use its vast trial experience to protect your interests, obtain full and fair settlements, aggressively respond to the tactics of insurance companies to devalue your claim, and if need be to stand and fight in a court of law and seek true recompense from a jury.

If you or your loved one is injured and needs help please call RENSCH LAW for a free consultation. Becky Schmit of this firm prepares and handles many of the cases, while the founder of the firm, Timothy J. Rensch, tries the case to the jury. As the Trial Lawyer for RENSCH LAW, Mr. Rensch has the benefit of the collective resources and experience of an on staff investigator, paralegals, and associate attorneys who provide information and back up as needed. Call RENSCH LAW today.

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