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Aggravated assault is a Class 3 Felony, with a maximum possible penalty of 15 years in the penitentiary, a $15,000 fine, or both. Aggravated Assault can be anything from a Simple Assault gone bad with serious bodily injury, to a choking, the brandishing of a weapon, among other things. RENSCH LAW has handled more Aggravated Assaults than it can remember. This serious charge has several possible defenses. RENSCH LAW has used these defenses in both state and federal court before juries and judges over the last 25 years.

Brandishing a Weapon

Lately, many of the Aggravated Assaults charged out have been the result of Simple Assault Domestic Violence charges which have morphed into a claim by a spouse that the defendant blocked the airway. This used to be just part of a Simple Assault charge, but now has become the basis for the more serious Aggravated Assault elements.

RENSCH LAW can fairly and candidly evaluates your case, try it to a jury if necessary, or work out an agreement.

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