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Frequently Asked Questions

RENSCH LAW realizes that when you are in a bind of any kind retaining an attorney is an important decision and can also be an intimidating one, with many questions. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions and some answers to aid your decision to choose RENSCH LAW.

Am I charged for the initial consultation?

Frequently there is no charge for an initial consultation devoted to the attorneys learning of your legal needs and establishing a lawyer-client relationship. If a charge is to be involved, the lawyer will explain that to you at the time so that you can decide about retaining the services of RENSCH LAW.

Does RENSCH LAW handle cases on a contingency fee basis?

Personal injury cases may be handled on a contingency fee basis, with the attorney earning a fee only if there is an actual monetary recovery, and with the fee being based upon a percentage of that recovery. This means that if there is no monetary recovery in the case, there is no fee to the attorney. There are different types of personal injury cases and different contingency fee percentages that apply to them. The attorneys at RENSCH LAW can answer for you if your personal injury case is a contingency fee case, and if so, what fee percentage will apply.

How are the attorneys fees billed in non-contingency fee cases?

Whether your case would involve a flat fee or would be billed on an hourly rate depends on the specifics of your case and the legal services that would be rendered. Different types of cases may involve different types of fees. During your initial interview, whether by telephone or in person, we will discuss with you how your case fits within this fee schedule.

What cities and counties do you handle cases in?

Rapid City; Sturgis; Spearfish; Deadwood; Custer; Hot Springs; Phillip; Kadoka; Martin; Murdo; Kennebec; Pierre; Selby; Chamberlain; Bison; Lemmon; Macintosh; and all of West River South Dakota. The attorneys of RENSCH LAW have also handled cases in many East River South Dakota counties as circumstances have required.

Request a Confidential Legal Consultation

NOTICE: Do not send sensitive information in your initial communication with my office. If I represent an adverse party in your case, such information could be used against you. Please allow for a conflict check to be conducted before sending sensitive information.