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If you need legal advice or a lawyer in Rapid City who will fight for you, you have come to the right place. One of the most important decisions you will make after being arrested is the attorney you choose to represent you. Having an experienced lawyer by your side can make a difference. The representation you choose will impact the rest of your life, as well as the lives of your family.

RENSCH LAW, established in 1992, is located in downtown Rapid City, SD. We handle all sort of criminal cases and personal injury cases.

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Hello, my name is Tim Rensch. I’ve been a lawyer for 24 years. My father in this very town was a lawyer for 50 years before that. As a lawyer, I view myself as your champion, as your protector, as your advisor, and as your guide. My firm has helped thousands of people through the most serious and dangerous portions of their lives by helping with good, sound, legal advice. This firm has handled cases from the most serious down to the sublime. We’ve handled murder cases, won those at jury trial, handled drug possession cases, rape cases, felony cases, right down to drunk driving misdemeanors and won many cases at trial. The reason that you need an experienced trial attorney is so you can see if you can get the best resolution possible. If you have an experienced lawyer who gets in the ring and fights for you, the prosecutors are going to listen more to him. It’s not just about the kind of lawyer that will try the case, but it’s about the kind of lawyer who can negotiate a favorable resolution for you. And a lawyer who’s gone into the ring and fought many battles gets better results for his clients than lawyers who don’t do that. There are times when you can’t get something worked out and you have to stand and fight. And when you have to do that, you need a lawyer who’s been there. You need a lawyer who knows the lay of the land, a lawyer who knows the ring. And I know that ring, and I can fight for you. And here at Rensch Law, we would like to use all of that experience to help you maybe make the situation go away, maybe make the situation better, or maybe, just have to fight them if that’s necessary. If you’re considering a lawyer, please think of giving us a call and we’ll do our best to help you out.

[Postscript]: Each case is different and rises or falls on its own merits. Nothing herein is to be construed as a guarantee, prediction, or warranty of success in your case, and past success is not an assurance of future success. For all of the victories of Rensch Law, there have been defeats.

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If you need legal advice or a lawyer who will fight for you, you have come to the right place. One of the most important decisions you will make after being arrested is the attorney you choose to represent you. Having an experienced trial lawyer by your side can make a difference. The representation you choose will impact the rest of your life, as well as the lives of your family.

RENSCH LAW, established in 1992, is located in downtown Rapid City, SD. We handle all sort of criminal cases and personal injury cases.

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We will never compromise your case. Other attorneys may push you to accept whatever the prosecutor offers. We are here to get the best result you deserve and not to be at the mercy of the prosecutor. Timothy Rensch has gone above and beyond to gain an amazing reputation, earned in courtrooms throughout South Dakota. If you are looking for an aggressive attorney that is approachable, contact RENSCH LAW today for a free injury consultation at 605-341-1210.

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Rapid City; Sturgis; Spearfish; Deadwood; Custer; Hot Springs; Phillip; Kadoka; Martin; Murdo; Kennebec; Pierre; Selby; Chamberlain; Bison; Lemmon; MacIntosh; and all of West River South Dakota.

The attorneys of RENSCH LAW have also handled cases in many East River South Dakota counties as circumstances have required.



Rensch Law was absolutely fantastic about helping me with my case ! My case of DUI ended up being dropped. I highly recommend him with DUI cases. He knows the law inside and out and is worth the money. He is highly professional about calling, and giving updates about the case and helps guide through the process of the court system if you have any more
Eric Blansett
01:16 23 Sep 21
I had a personal injuries case that I brought to Tim’s Law Office and the entire team was extremely helpful. Anytime I had questions they were more than happy to answer them. Despite all of the set backs, Tim got me a great settlement. I would recommend the Rensch Law Office to anyone seeking legal more
J C (Lava_Drake)
22:58 11 Mar 21
Tim was so amazing and helpful with my situation. I highly recommend using him and his firm! Thanks so much Tim for easing my mind?read more
Kayla Pipitt
20:57 24 Aug 20
I am an attorney licensed in New Hampshire & recommend you give Attorney Rensch a call for a consultation for legal issues in South Dakota. He has demonstrated that he is a results oriented attorney and a zealous advocate for his clients. I find that many lawyers act as if they’re atop of an ivory tower by speaking to clients in legal jargon – Tim does not put on that facade. I admire that he speaks in plain English and explains things in detail, which is very important for attorneys to do to ensure that clients understand the law and are on the same page as them. What I admire most about Tim’s practice is that he treats others like he wants to be treated and focuses on understanding his clients’ needs. This helps Tim to better understand his clients’ legal issues to be able to resolve them more
Richard Taussig
13:32 16 Apr 20
If I could give 10 stars, I would. If you need legal counsel in South Dakota, Tim Rensch is definitely your guy. Tim and the rest of his staff are very responsive, and take the time to counsel their clients on the issues brought to them. Money well spent. Thank you Rench Law!read more
Salvatore DeMuro
22:29 11 Mar 20
Every experience that I have had with Rensch Law has been awesome, they are the best! They have really helped me, and it’s nice to go to someone who is reliable, you can trust, and who really knows what they are doing. He made sure to ask the right questions to get the full picture and understanding of what was going on so he could help fight for my case. He explained to me the process of what court was like so I didn’t walk in there blind no knowing what to expect. He kept me in the loop and always had the best intentions for me. Thank you!!!read more
Merissa Gehm
03:46 04 Feb 20
Professional, smart, and well experienced lawyer. The best lawyer in the state of South Dakota in my opinion! He will fight for you, and will help with your case! I would highly recommend Rensch law & his associates to everyone!read more
03:23 04 Feb 20
Rensch law was super helpful and professional. Had a lot of questions and they were very understanding and patient with me. Even though I know they have many cases that they are working on, they always made me feel like a priority. Thank you!read more
Lynsi Gallipo
01:49 26 Jan 20
I had a great experience with Rensch Law and would highly recommend them. The lawyers were very knowledgeable and professional. I got great results using more
wood melissa
23:25 17 Jan 20
Great experience and great representation. So thankful.
Nicole Bennington
02:17 17 Jan 20
Mr. Tim Rensch is a very competent lawyer with a great support staff. Great experience! ?
Todd Tobin
17:47 28 Nov 19
By far and away the best legal team in town!
Cameron Parette
22:06 19 Aug 18
Very professional and efficient working!!!
Isaias Dantas Souza
00:51 11 Apr 18
Mr. Rensch is excellent attorney #1 in my book. If you want the best forget the rest!
Nandi Cuzin
19:37 13 Feb 18
I recently hired Tim Rensch to handle a legal matter for my fiancé. Her case was urgent and complex, so we absolutely required the very best legal representation available. Fortunately, I work closely with the criminal justice system in my profession, so via word of mouth, I was keenly aware of Tim’s reputation for being a top-notch criminal attorney, as well as his reputation for being fair and affordable. And the fact that he is a fellow fisherman placed him at the top of my list. I cannot attest to his mastery of angling, but I can tell you this…Tim tackled our case with the urgency it demanded, avoided tedious time and money consuming litigation, and achieved the result we needed. My experience with Tim Rensch (and staff) has convinced me that no matter the stakes or legal matter at hand, this law firm will get it resolved with expediency, efficiency, and fairness. Now if Tim fishes half as well as he practices law, he truly has my utmost respect. Either way, he gets you off the more
J. Castle
20:48 24 Oct 17
Tim has provided services for me which are second to none!
Laca Ossenfort
04:14 14 Jun 17
John and his staff are very knowledgeable and professional. Very pleased with their services.
Matt Bitz
23:20 10 May 17
Tim Rensch and his associates are a great group of people to work with. They go above and beyond to help you through your situation. I would highly recommend this great team of more
Autumn Garcia
22:23 01 Sep 16
Tim Rensch and his staff are an amazing team. This is the most professional staff I have ever worked with. They are very good at communicating and keeping you updated. I would highly recommend this firm for any legal more
Lonnie Green
14:01 30 Aug 16
Tim and Rensch law have always taken excellent care of us on all of our business needs. When you need pointed legal advice in a quick and efficient manner when it really counts, this is the place which has worked for more
Trevor Johnson
22:25 10 Aug 16
The staff are amazing, helped my girlfriend and I with a bad landlord. Will be using for all future law needs.
William Allen
22:15 10 Aug 16
Timothy Rensch and his team are compassionate and easy to work with when needing to get the job done as planned. Thanks!
Rensch Law Office A Professional Law Corporation
14:29 04 May 16

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