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divorce lawyerFamily law is a very complicated and important area of the law because of the personal and familial ramifications involved. Divorce is the breakup of the marriage which necessarily includes division of debts, distribution and ownership of property, both personal property and real estate, not to mention retirement accounts, investments, and income. Issues such as alimony, child custody, and child support are included in this topic. And even after a divorce or separation child custody and/or visitation issues. The time one has with children is really what life is all about.

John Rusch of RENSCH LAW has years of experience in these complicated and most important of matters. While the legal expense in these cases can be great, Mr. Rusch tries to resolve cases quickly and efficiently so there is a smaller cost to the client. But many times, given the emotions in the situation, people cannot or will not agree on a given resolution and there must be a trial, whether it be for divorce, custody of children, or alimony, or some combination of these issues. The stakes are very high and can determine the course a child may take in life or the method a child is raised. RENSCH LAW has handled a large number of cases involving these issues and is capable of providing fast, pointed, and cogent legal advice and protecting you and those near and dear to you in family law matters. Call John Rusch of RENSCH LAW if you need help in these areas. While Mr. Rusch has a great deal of criminal trial experience, this work directly translates to cross-examining deceptive witnesses in divorce court, presenting client testimony in a clear and logical fashion, and utilizing the rules of evidence to protect his client and case.

Fees for family law matters depend on the issue and are generally the time spent by the lawyer times the firm hourly rate. There are certain matters which can be billed at a flat rate. All fees are subject to local sales tax on top of the fee charges and costs advanced by the firm. RENSCH LAW also routinely consults with the various experts and professionals who provide opinions in these cases and is thus intimately familiar with the types of experts which will need to be consulted as it relates to valuation, custody, psychology, drug and alcohol treatment, home study evaluators, and other consultants.

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