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close up shot of a woman's face with a blurred man in the background with his hand on her shoulder

Simple Assault – Domestic Violent Crimes Video Transcript

Assault cases, many different types of assaults. You can be charged with aggravated assault in this state which is a felony and can land you in the penitentiary for a long time. Simple assault domestic violence, very dangerous case to be charged with. Not only can you lose certain civil rights that you have, but you can lose the right to possess a gun and it can put you in a different category of an offender for a long time. So when you’re charged with simple assault domestic violence out of that little fight that happens over the weekend or when someone’s had too much to drink and you think it’s all just going to go away. Watch out! People will go in and plead guilty on those are treated differently than people who are represented by lawyers and the matter is worked up properly. You also want to remember on those simple assault domestic violence’s, many times they enhance like a drunk driving charge. An assault charge can become more serious with each passing charge as you go through life. So if you get three of them, you could be charged with a felony just like you can with a DWI. So be very careful with those charges and always get legal representation.